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GEAR UPG LIFE GEAR UPG has been specially developed for state-of-the-art power transmissions and combines maximum efficiencywith extremely long change intervals.

Product info

Modern fully synthetic universal lubricant for manual and automatic transmissions, hydraulic systems,Wet brake axles and various forms of power transmission. LIFE GEAR UPG is based onhighest quality base oils and a very modern additive package and is characterized by the followingProperties from:
•Very low friction losses, therefore significantly better efficiency of power transmission
•Very high and stable viscosity index
•Excellent low temperature performance due to low viscosity and low pour point
•Fuel economy
•Excellent anti-wear properties
•Very temperature stable, natural LS properties
•Unproblematic application (Compatibility with common sealing materials or miscibility withcommon mineral oils

Specifications and approvals

API GL-4 LS;UTTO;Volvo WB 102;SAE 0W-20;HVLP-D, covers the viscosity classes ISO VG 15, 22, 32, 46, 68 and 100 (exceeds DIN 51524/3)

PHI OIL recommendations

John Deere J20C, J20D;ZF TE-ML 03E;NH 2-C-201.00;AGCO M-1135, M-1143   

Capacity specification