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Gas Engine Oil

LAGE Bronze 40 Gas Engine Oil LAGE Bronze 40 is ideally suited for modern, turbo-charged gas engines with special gas operation in all power ranges, as well as for use in landfill and biogas plants. Priority use in GE Jenbacher gas engines in all series for the longest possible oil change intervals to reduce maintenance costs.

Product info

Gas Engine Oil LAGE Bronze 40 is a modern high-performance gas engine oil based on high-quality solvent refines and selected additives. This successful combination gives the product the following excellentProperties:
•Excellent cleaning properties
•Excellent aging stability
•Very strong acid - neutralizing power
•Hardly deposits on valves and combustion chamber
•Excellent wear protection
•High thermal stability

Specifications and approvals

GE Jenbacher 1000-1109 Series 2, 3, 4, 6 propellant class B / C *
* Manufacturer approvals under a different name, on request, these can be detected at any time on the product batch.

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