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Moulding Oil TWD

Molding Oil TWD is ideal for steel and coated timber formwork.The best resultsare achieved when the product is applied thinly.For coated multiplex 1 liter for 30 - 40 m² surface.For steel and other metals 1 liter for 40 - 50 m² surface.After application with a sprayer or brush, it is recommended to remove excess product.This mold oil is also ideally suited for the concrete industry, where worked with heated formworkbecomes.

Product info

Light colored mold oil for the concrete industry for building houses, buildings, tunnels and bridges. ThisMold oil is based on a particularly highly refined base liquid in combination with volatileas well as surface-active additives. After evaporation of the volatile substances Molding Oil TWD providesWater outlet from the fresh concrete for a low interfacial tension. This creates a smoothConcrete surface. When used correctly, the following properties are achieved:
• Only very slight sticking of the concrete to the formwork
• Keeps the steel formwork stainless during normal work
• Quick and easy release of concrete shapes
• Prevents the formation of smaller holes on the concrete surface
• Keeps the concrete dust-free
• After use, easy application of plaster, stones, wallpaper, etc.
• No discoloration of the concrete surface

Capacity specification