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Equus FE Gold

0W20 Equus FE Gold 0W20 has been specially developed forpetrol and diesel engines in current-day passenger vehicles with extended oil change intervals.

Product info

Equus FE Gold 0W20 is a „new generation” synthetic engine oil for passenger cars. The exclusive high quality base oils and additives used in this product, make it unique and superior in the ollowing areas: 
•Very low fuel consumption in part and full load operation 
•Low content of sulphated ash 
•Extraordinary cold start properties 
•Safe lubrication film, also at high operating temperatures 
•Extended oil change intervals 
•Very good detergency and dispersion properties 
•Excellent protection against wear and tear, corrosion and foaming 
•Suitable for modern catalytic converters and after-treatment of exhaust gases


Specifications and approvals

VW 508.00 / 509.00



Capacity specification


Apply filed

Gasoline and diesel engine