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0W30 APPROVED ENGINE CJP 0W30 is a universal fuel economy low SAPS engine oil, suitable for both diesel and petrol engines, including turbo-charged, in passenger cars and transporters with extended oil change intervals. Due toits low content of sulphated ash (SAPS), this product is very well suited for use in cars with three-way catalytic converters and diesel particle filters.

Product info

APPROVED ENGINE CJP 0W30 is a “new generation” synthetic low-friction and multi-range engine oil of the highest quality, formulated on special synthetic PAO base oils. The carefully selected and highly effective additives give this high performance motor oil the following excellent properties: 
• Lower fuel consumption during part and full load operation 
• Suitable for modern catalytic converters 
• Very good cold start properties 
• Stable lubrication film, also at high operating temperatures 
• Extended oil drain intervals 
• Excellent detergency and dispersion properties 
• Exceptional protection against wear and tear, corrosion and foaming


Specifications and approvals


PHI OIL recommendations

PSA B71 2312

Capacity specification


Apply filed

Gasoline and diesel engine