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JPB ATF JPB has been developed for use in automatic transmissions of BMW as well as in various Japanese vehicle manufacturers.

Product info

A synthetic liquid for automatic gearboxes, based on synthetic base oils and specifically selected additives, give this product the following outstanding properties:
• A very high and stable viscosity index 
• Excellent shear stability 
• Low pour point
• Excellent stability against oxidation 
• A positive activity against wear and tear
• An effective protection against corrosion and foaming 
• Optimal friction properties for quick and smooth switching operations 
• Compatible with the most common synthetic seals in automatic transmissions


PHI OIL recommendations

Toyota ATF T-III/T-IV/D-II/WS;Nissan Matic Fluid C/D/J/K;Mazda ATF M-V;Mitsubishi SP-II, SP-III, ATF-II;Honda ATF-Z1 (except in CVT‘s) ;Hyundai/Kia SP-II/SP-III;Suzuki ATF 3314;Subaru ATF/ATF 5AT/ATF HP/Dexron II;Kia SP-II/SP-III;lsuzu Besco ATF ll,lll;GM TASA, Dexron IID/IIE/IIIG/IIIH;Ford Mercon/M2C;138CJ/166H/922A1/924A;Allison C4/TES-228;Aisin Warner JWS 3309/3324;JASO M 315 Type 1A;MB 236.1/236.6/236.7/236.8;MB 236.9/236.10;BMW 7045E/8072B;Chrysler ATF +3/ATF +4;VAG G-055-025;Volvo 1161540;ZF TE-ML 09/11A/11B



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