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lce Pipe Coolant

FMB-V To be used year-round in the cooling systems of Otto andDiesel engines. This coolant is intended to be used undilutedand protects up to a winter temperature of -38 ° C.

Product info

Ice Pipe Coolant FMB-V is a modern "Longlife" coolant onBase of ethylene glycol in combination with modern, environmentally friendly additives with the following properties:
• Perfect corrosion protection of all metals, includingAluminum and iron alloys, thanks to high performance additives
• Compatible with all standard packings, seals andhoses
• Very long-lasting stability due to high-performance silicate stabilizers
• nitrite, amine, phosphate and boron free

PHI OIL recommendations

VW TL-774 J (G13)



Capacity specification